These Boots Were Made For...Running?

I have a great workout plan with my roommate. We go to the gym pretty much every morning to lift weights and do a bit of cardio. Yet, after talking to my big sister, and checking out the WW Message Boards, I became curious in trying the Couch to 5k Training Plan. Thus, I woke up around 9am this morning, downloaded the app that is designed to get you through the program for my iPod Touch and, by 9:30, had set out on my way. I should say, before leaving, I talked to my older sister. Our conversation went something like this:

Big Sister: You're going to want to die. Just don't give up.
WildcatKate: Okay. I won't. Promise.
Big Sister: Just keep going. Go slow.
WildcatKate: I will.
Big Sister: Let me know how it goes.
Wildcat Kate: I will. Honest.

I thought she was giving me crap. That I could totally handle it. Let's just say I got ten or fifteen minutes in and gave up, saying screw it. I'd gone to the beautiful Wayne America fitness trail, and, though bummed that I couldn't handle the training plan, decided to finish my workout with a walk back to the rec center on campus, where the trail ends, and walked across campus to my dorm. It resulted in about 40 minutes of cardio activity. 

So instead of being bummed about unseccessful attempts, I'm choosing to look at the small successes. I woke up early on a Sunday morning instead of sleeping in, getting in exercise that I otherwise would have simply skipped (and earning 4 APs out of the deal!). I got 7 loads of laundry done with roomie - combining our clothes, obviously. And I ate a healthy lunch of a turkey & cheese sandwich on wheat and pineapple. Overall, I'd say it was a successful day.

As for C25k... there's always tomorrow!


Jac @ Wuzzle Makes Three said...

You rock! You can do it. You will do it! (We will do it together!!)

Honestly, like I said... when you're starting from the couch, if you think you're going to slow? Go slower. I can't say it enough. Your speed will increase. I promise.

Lis @ ATruckerWife said...

C25K is an awesome program!! Let it work for you. You don't have to be perfect each week because let me tell you there were days where I thought I would die. Just go at your pace and soon you will look back at what you have done and will be shocked!

Enjoy and good luck!

Wildcat Kate said...

Jac. Thanks again! :) I'm going to work hard to get through this one. No giving up for this kid.

Lis. Thanks so much! I'm excited to get started, and your words are crazy encouraging. Thank you.

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