Who Is This...This Person?

Hey! My name is Wildcat Kate. I'm a sophomore music education major at Wayne State College in little Wayne, America. It's a bustling metropolis of about 5500 people and just a grand ol' place to have a college experience. Yet, truth be told, my college experience isn't quite what I've wanted it to be.

Sure, I've got an amazing roommate, fantastic friends, wonderful faculty, and am pretty successful, but I haven't found that side of myself that I absolutely love yet.

And I can tell you why.

I have always been a larger person. A little heavy. Pleasantly plump, some would say. But I know the truth. I'm a fat kid who loves to eat her pizza and ice cream during those late night study sessions in the dorm. Now, I can't ever remember a time when I was skinny. Perhaps it's part of my genetic make up, perhaps it's just that my parents never really kept me from eating twinkies and candy. I may never know. But now, it's time to take control of my life.

I have decided, with the help of my amazing roomie, to start Weight Watchers. I know it will be a struggle - living in a dorm, eating gag...I mean, cafeteria food, not going to the meetings, simply particpating online. I weight just over 260 pounds. I'm 19 years old. This isn't right. These are supposed to be the best years of my life, and, quite simply, they aren't.

I vow to get healthy.
I vow to eat right.
I vow to learn to love myself.
I vow to share my journey with you. The ups & downs. The good & bad. The beautiful & the ugly.

These are the Life & Times of Wildcat Kate, and I am looking forward to getting to know you all on this journey. I hope my experience motivates, teaches, and entertains you.


Jac @ Wuzzle Makes Three said...

YAY!! A new blog! (And a weight loss buddy!!)

I know you can do it! (And at Thanksgiving, we'll be able to support each other!!)

BTW: I ADORE that Band Nerd shot of you! Super, Duper cute!!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Hi There,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following you along on your journey.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Cute blog! And I love me some newbies. I'm gonna Tweet your site when I'm done here. Thanks for the comment today - we are in this together - and I look forward to reading you lots and lots.
Sue (DidIJustEatThatOutLoud)

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